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The place to be with your friends, eat with your hands, enjoy yourself, and have a great time.

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In addition to build-out costs, which vary according to retail space characteristics, here are some of the key figures related to this franchise:

Contact our Sales Department for information.


From 120 square meters + outside seating




€40,000 + VAT

  • Where do I start?

    After meeting with one of our Sales Associates and agreeing on your location and the most suitable brand for you, a brand license will be reserved, so you can start working on the finer details of the project.

  • What is the duration of the franchise agreement?

    5+5 years

  • Will Restalia help me find an optimal location for my restaurant?

    Restalia makes a real estate team available to help its franchisees find an optimal location for their establishment.

  • How does Restalia help me with construction?

    Restalia has agreements with different vendors and contractors (equipment, furniture, fixtures, civil works and engineering), who have all been approved by us. They will be responsible for completing the build-out of your restaurant.

  • Does Restalia provide training? What about to my employees?

    Restalia provides training to its franchisees and their employees, for the sole purpose of sharing the knowledge it has acquired over these past 20 years.

  • Is prior experience required?

    No prior experience of any kind is required.

  • What kind of assistance do I get from Restalia while I have my restaurant?

    Restalia makes advisors available to guide and assist its franchisees along the way while the contract is in force.

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restalia holding

Restalia Holding is a leading restaurant group with more than 20 years of experience.


With a strongly innovative, disruptive, and resilient personality


Quality at reasonable prices


The autonomy that comes with being independent of an investment group ensures flexibility in operations.


From € 190,000


We create crosscutting brands that enable an easy transition towards other family brands, with low additional investment thanks to the modular and adjustable nature of our sites.


Special financing terms with the leading banking institutions in the country

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La sureña

There’s a new placewhere you can have a good time with your friends, at a good price, withgenuine Mexican products in street food format: Pepe Taco.

Who can resist good tacos and ice-cold beer?

La sureña

Pepe Taco democratizes Mexican cuisine with an offering priced to suit every pocket. Now you can enjoy tacos at your leisure. Pepe Taco has a simple menu inspired by Mexican taquerias at very competitive prices.